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Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow

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The only pillow specifically designed to help babies sleep better

  • Orthopedic memory foam pillows

  • Large wedge offers superior back support

  • Small wedge prevents the baby from rolling

  • Extra gentle baby-friendly fabric

  • Infinitely adjustable design

  • Great for babies aged 0-12 months

Scientific design

Helps babies sleep better

 You won't need to check on your kid in the middle of the night to make sure they are sleeping in the proper position or worry about them rolling around while they are asleep. The Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow makes sure that your baby is sleeping at the proper 45° angle, which not only guarantees a restful night's sleep but also provides a plethora of additional advantages, including:

  •  Prevents flat head syndrome
  •  Optimal sleep posture improves digestion
  •  Trains your child to sleep alone
  •  Prevents separation anxiety
  •  Enhances the quality of sleep
  •  Prevents late-night tantrums

Despite having reflux and gas problems, my infant found that sleeping on his side was really relaxing. He is also able to switch sides so that he sleeps equally on both. Also extremely nice to the touch, and I appreciate that the velcro is adjustable so I can make it wider if the baby chooses to sleep or roll onto his back. Shipping happened extremely quickly!

Designed with growing babies in mind

  •  Water-resistant and easy to clean
  •  Removable and washable pillow covers
  • Fits most cribs and baby mattresses
  •  Breathable fabric remains cool
  • Anti-bacterial fabric cover
  •  Recommended by doctors
My four-month-old no longer worries about turning over in his sleep because he prefers to sleep on his tummy because to how much this has helped. very user-friendly, and keeps him secure


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Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow

Customer Reviews

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Roosevelt Runolfsdottir

Pillow is very good, soft and comfortable, baby always sleep on the side of the head, this shaped pillow, can be very good to fix the baby's head shape. And is two-sided, very breathable. Worth buying.

Donald Brakus

The product is so good.
I am very satified with this pillow. It's perfect for babies who toss and turn all night! This is a best item

Toney Greenfelder

Very nice quality! Recommended!

Francis Okuneva

Super and soft material at once.
Very satisfied

Devan Armstrong

Miy very very but very good, excellent quality. I'm happy

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