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Fit N' Warm Ultimate Waterproof And Windproof Thermal Gloves (Early-bird sales)

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Product Details

Maximum Comfort, Perfect Fit, Works with Phone, Wind & Water & Puncture proof that all you need from a Premium Gloves

Keep Your Hands Nice and Toasty in Even the COLDEST of Weather (Works With Phones Too!)

Easy to wear. They’re easy to wear and remove. And the built-in zipper closures ensure these gloves can fit different hand shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for men and women alike.


Yes Yes Yes, You Can Still Use Your Phone!

Thermala Gloves is one of the few gloves that's 100% compatible with touchscreen devices. 

The thumb, index, and forefinger area of these gloves are covered with PU leather that’s receptive to touch-screen devices. They allow you to use your phone or tablets and take calls, send messages, or take a snap of your winter adventures without taking the gloves off.

Now that's super convenient!

Waterproof, windproof & anti-slip. Made of high-density, water-resistant materials, these gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands from getting wet.  And the zippers not only ensure a snug fit but also close fit your wrist to effectively prevent the wind from coming in. The anti-slip design, on the other hand, can help you grip things better, such as holding a cell phone or holding the steering wheel.

A great gift. 

Available in an assortment of colors, these stylish winter thermal gloves can complement any winter wear and are the perfect gift for friends and loved ones who are outdoor and sports enthusiast.

Features and benefits:

  • Keep Hands Warminsulated nylon works to ensure your hands are never cold
  • Protect Skin from Winds: high-quality neoprene wind-stopping rubber keeps your skin from wind damage
  • Use Touch Screen Devices: thumb and index fingers have touchscreen capability so you can use your phone anytime
  • Adjust for Perfect Fit: specially designed zipper allows you to find your best fit
  • Won't Ever Slip: anti-slip PVC rubber near palm keeps gloves from sliding off

Enjoy the Cold Weather WITHOUT Frozen Hands

Some people don't like the cold, and others love it! But regardless of how you feel about it, you're going to have to face it every now and then.

So whether you're out cycling, sledding, or just shoveling snow, you need to be able to keep warm. 

You deserve gloves that keep your hands toasty without being big and bulky.

Fit N' Warm is the perfect solution for you.  


Insulated nylon material and wind-stopping technology work together to keep your hands warm. Your hands will be completely protected from strong winds too!

So go out there and do what you gotta do! And know that Fit N' Warm  is here to keep your hands safe.

A Fantastic Fit...Like it SHOULD Be!

We understand that buying gloves can be a difficult process.

What if they don't fit? Too tight? Too loose? I know all the concerns...

So we've decided to make the process easy for you.

We implemented special designs into Fit N' Warm so you can achieve your perfect fit. 

The strategically placed zipper lets you adjust the gloves for maximum comfort. At the same time, the zipper preserves heat while letting your hands breath freely. 

In addition, special anti-slip PVC rubber keeps your gloves from sliding off in any condition.

And all of this is inside lightweight, thin gloves that work even better than bulky ones!

Product Details:

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Neoprene and Nylon Wind-Stopping Fabric 
  • Size: One size fits all

Package Includes:  1 x Pair of Thermala Gloves


Fit N' Warm Ultimate Waterproof And Windproof Thermal Gloves (Early-bird sales)

Customer Reviews

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Ricky Bradtke

Product very comfortable, keeps the temperature of hand. Delivery made in 16 days after payment confirmation. Congratulations to seller.

Loy Bartoletti

We took two pairs, everything as always, it was wonderful quickly

Paris Turner

Gloves really liked the good quality is beautiful and comfortable as they keep the heat still did not check

Heaven Bayer

Nice gloves. The phone with them is perfectly controlled ..

Brycen Ledner

Good quality gloves good finish remains to try during the first cold reception ultra fast I recommend this shop

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