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Hoseless, Maskless, Micro-CPAP - Anti Snoring Electronic Device

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The Smartest Way To Treat Sleep Apnea!


The first micro-CPAP device that has no hoses, cords, or even a mask. People suffer from sleep apnea all around the world, but many of them don't wear masks. Why should they? 

Traditional CPAP machines reduce sleep apnea but provide a terrible sleep experience. Almost up to 80% of people who have a CPAP machine stop after their first year. Now people won't have to deal with bulky masks anymore!

No longer do you need to clean these dirty CPAP masks that can be troublesome? Our micro-CPAP is so small in length it makes it a breeze to clean. Utilizing recyclable materials, they are designed for 6-12 months of use. Liberating yourself from the mess of a CPAP machine.

Just plug cushy nose buds into your nostrils and enjoy a fresh breath all night long.

Key Features:

✔️ Recyclable Premium Quality - Our anti-snore device is constructed from high-quality plastics that make it durable and tough. Only we decided to go green with our product making sure we help the environment.

✔️ Very Portable - Easy to travel with and it fits right in your dock kit.

✔️ Comfortable - So comfortable you won't even know it's there. Our soft silicone buds are designed to fit snug and are shaped to stay in all night long.

How Do I Use It?

  • When people are asleep naturally the muscles are more relaxed, even sometimes close temporarily. That means the air passing through can cause the tissue to vibrate which is the cause of snoring.
  • Our hand-sized ventilation system is to keep that tissue open and allow air to flow more efficiently. Our electric pump helps increase airflow for a long night's sleep. The battery lasts about 8-10 hours on a full charge, long enough for deep sleep.



  • Material: ABS + Silicone

Package Includes:

  • 1x Anti-Snoring Device
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Hoseless, Maskless, Micro-CPAP - Anti Snoring Electronic Device

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Ansel Streich

HQ Material, flashdelivery, great transaction! thank you very much :-)

Dannie Cummerata

I'm gonna evaluate

Gabe Parisian

I've had this for almost a month now and it's been quite good. If you haven't had a nasal mask before, you might experience some discomfort as you get used to it. Overall, I'm happy with the quality given the relatively low price. It came with everything as described on the listing.

Garrick D'Amore

Top, remark

Virgie Rutherford

Good product and quick delivery

The cat's soft plush cushion bed, the best anti-anxiety and self-heat preservation

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The cat's soft plush cushion bed, the best anti-anxiety and self-heat preservation

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