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Micro-Mesh Ultrasonic Nebulizer | Silent Atomizer For Respiratory Relief

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Breathing troubles can be an emergency situation, if you don’t have the medical devices nearby.

The Micro-Mesh Ultrasonic Nebulizer is a silent atomizer designed to provide rapid relief for people with respiratory problems, including asthma. It’s small, portable, easy to clean and set up and runs super quiet. Adults and children with breathing complications often need emergency relief and this device provides just that. It also doubles as a beauty-enhancing device! Place face in front of the cool mist it provides to get supple, moist skin.
What Is A Nebulizer Used For


Quiet Function: This Ultrasonic Nebulizer produces fine particles for your breathing, but won’t make lots of noise. It’s whisper quiet!

Dual Speed: With 2 airflow speeds, this device can be used for both adults and children. It provides a constant high frequency mist that is highly effective.

Beauty Benefits: The nebulizer can be used to create a refreshing and ultra hydrating mist as part of your beauty routine. Get supple skin fast!

How Does A Nebulizer Work


Breathe Better: This device was designed to get people with breathing problems, especially asthma sufferers, fast and convenient relief. Clearer breathing happens in minutes.

Portable: Take this nebulizer with you as it is small and portable. Travel safely with this amazing emergency respiratory device.

Easy To Clean: The device is easily assembled making cleaning of the parts a simple process. Clean it after each use.

Where Can I Buy A Nebulizer


  • Ultrasonic Freq.: 2.2 MHz
  • Size Of Atomized Particles: 0.5-5 Microns
  • Cup Capacity: 10 mL
  • Vessel Capacity: 25 mL
  • Atomization Vol. at 0.375 mL/min: 20 Min Timing
  • Atomization vol. at 0.5 mL/min: 10 Min Timing
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12 v
What Is A Nebulizer For

How To Use:

  1. Fill Water Into Vessel
  2. Place Cup Into Vessel
  3. Place Gasket On Cup
  4. Reassemble Front Cover
  5. Connect Power Adapter At Rear
  6. Press Start. Breathe Deeply Intermittently, But Maintain Regular Breathing During Use. Inhale Through Mouth, Exhale Through Nose When Possible.

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Micro-Mesh Ultrasonic Nebulizer | Silent Atomizer For Respiratory Relief

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Mandy Bins

Useful and practical

Vivien Roberts

Works well and is very quiet.

Felipa Towne

Highly recommended

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Excellent product

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