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Mini HD Night Vision Micro Camera Remote Monitor

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Mini Night Micro Camera Sport Dv Video Small Camera Remote Monitor
The camera has a 150 degree view and provides a wide view in your room. It allows you to know all the movements that occur in the house anytime and anywhere.
Using hd lens, you can get hd 1080 p real-time video viewing and recording. Invisible night vision, built-in 10 infrared night vision lights. Small fuselage camera. Super small and invisible, easy to install on walls, roofs or anywhere with strong magnets.
Night vision, motion detection and alarm push, these functions are the basis of this indoor hidden security camera. You can not only see things in the dark, but also capture anyone moving in the camera.

Multiple mounting :

1. With a bracket: a bracket that holds the camera firmly on the table in an open state.

2.Built-in strong magnets, simply connect them to metal table legs, bicycles, backpacks, and other absorbable places.

3. use flexible goose neck USB cable, plug directly into PC usb port for power supply and angle adjustment during installation.


With 150-degree viewing angle, the camera provides a wide viewing range in your room. It enables you to know every movement happened in your house anytime anywhere.


Built-in magnet with magnetic base, can stick on any where you want.


1.HD camera :150 wide-angle lens, HD video quality 1920 x 1080p, high-resolution real-time broadcast for you to provide clear images and more details, so that you.
2.Outstanding camera: support for loop recording and playback using local micro SD cards (max 128 G, not included) as well. It has its own Wifi hotspots, it can also connect to the phone without router Wifi.
3.Night Vision:6 hidden infrared LED does not glow ,5 meters night vision distance, can be remotely turned on or off, no longer worry about night recording. Can also be used in shops, conference rooms, pets, nannies.
4.Intelligent action detection: when the action is detected, the camera sends a message to the phone.
5.Easy to hide: rear panel with integrated housing and hidden memory card slot; no indicator, no sound, no one will know there is a camera in the room.
6. application: you can put hidden cameras at home, offices, warehouses, shops, garden corners, even on pockets or collars, and use strong magnets that can be attached to any iron surface.

Three recording modes :

1.24 hours recording: keep recording (default)

2. Motion detection: recording when motion is detected

3. Timer: sets the specified recording period to record


  1. 1080P Full HD Brings You A Different Experience. This wireless hidden ip camera lets you view real-time what's happening inside your home or office even while you're away on a vacation or a quick business trip. Remote view can be accessed via the APP(HDMiniCam) using iOS and Android Smartphone. 
  2. This wireless hidden ip camera can work on WiFi (2.4GHz WiFi only) or No WiFi. When it works on No WiFi, insert a Micro SD card (SD card not include) and turn on, the spy camera will recording and saves the video files to the SD card (SD card not include). 
  3. Night vision & motion detection & alarm push, those functions are the basis for this indoor hidden security camera. You can not only see things in the dark but also capture anybody who is moving in the camera. 
  4. This small hidden camera bathroom has built in magnet, can work well with any iron material, easily place anywhere. This small hidden camera with a rigid charging cable and magic base, when charging while recording, you can manually rotate the recording angle 360 degrees. 

    Mini HD Night Vision Micro Camera Remote Monitor

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