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Open Moonstone Ring

Open Moonstone Ring

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Since the beginning of time, the Moon has fascinated us. Between myths and legends, let's go together to discover it. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the moon. The goddess of wilderness and childbirth, symbol of a being of integrity, healthy and safe.

The moon is said to have a powerful influence on the behavior of humans, but also on that of animals. The word "lunatic" comes from the Latin "lunar" which means "something related to the moon". Some stones have this lunatic resonance, including rock crystal, Opal, but also Labradorite and many pearls like Abalone.

In lithotherapy, the full moon is the perfect time to cleanse and recharge your stones and crystals. It is about readjusting the energy of the crystal, that is to say an energetic purification. Once worked on, the stones can absorb some of the negative energy, and change their vibrational frequency.

The Moon creates new cycles; it is the moment of balance needed for continuity.


The Moon has a profound impact through its various phases, especially activating feminine energy through its mother nature. The rays of the Moon remain a great mystery. Full moon meditation allows us to discover this phenomenon.

Moon-related stones are very soft. They are very often associated with protective stones. They accompany change by helping us refocus on positive thoughts in life. Women are more receptive to these stones, which will bring them confidence and elegance.

Stones associated with a moon star are almost sacred. They attract and have a gentle magnetism that stimulates joy of living and openness to the world.

The Moon is the feminine star, the very representation of gentleness and benevolence. Focusing on the Moon allows us to glimpse our instinctive nature. This special relationship allows us to grow, and to better understand our reaction to the different situations that bind us to the people around us.

Take advantage of the full moon to purify and recharge your stones, this energy is at its highest for 3 consecutive days. Simply expose them at nightfall to the lunar rays, this directly at home, without the need to put them outside.

Be sure to collect them in the early morning, some stones can not stand the sun.


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Open Moonstone Ring

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