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Premium Handheld Monocular Long Distance Telescope

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Premium Handheld Monocular Long Distance Telescope

Are you looking for the perfect monocular to take on your next nature outing? Our monocular telescope was made to help you magnify distant sceneries for a clearer view and a satisfying experience. 

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Fitted with fully-coated optics, the monoscope protects your eyes from the bright glare of the sun while still giving you a clear view of nature. This feature lets you use your handheld telescope without hesitation, helping you make the most out of the great outdoors!

Plus, the high power monocular can make far-out sceneries feel like they're just a stone's throw away. It brings you closer to hard to reach areas so that you never miss out.


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Best of all, the monocular is half the size of the usual optical instruments used for outdoor viewing. Easily slip the monocular telescope in your pocket and take it anywhere you want to go.


COMPACT - Usual optical instruments take up so much room in your bag that it's sometimes a hassle to bring around. Its small cylindrical body is easy to fit in your pocket, reserving your bag for your essentials.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Having your monocular in your pocket won't weigh you down especially if you're on an uphill trail. Never get tired of lifting the monocular telescope when using it throughout the whole day.

NIGHT VISION - Be able to magnify any scenery even when the night comes. Our monoscope has a night vision feature giving you ultra clear vision in the dark. It will help you spot anything in the distance, keeping you alert throughout the night.


Magnification: 16x
Objective lens diameter: 2.04 in
Eye Lens Diameter: 0.6 in
Field of view: 1.2 miles
Size: About 5.9"x2.0"(LxD)
Note: Do not look directly at the sun through a telescope, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.


1 x Handheld Telescope 
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Neckstrap
1 x Lens Cloth

Premium Handheld Monocular Long Distance Telescope

Customer Reviews

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Faye O'Reilly

I arrive very fast, excellent your packing and perfect working Excellent your packing, arrived on time

Aurelia McCullough

Used for nature/bird watching. I think I prefer regular binoculars but this may be related to my vision.

Alejandrin Padberg

Good texture. Visually clear. recommend him.

Anthony Bernier

I love getting up close views of our backyard birds. Easy to use and set up.

Caterina Kuhn

Great for zooming in to take pics of birds and flowers with phone !

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