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Folding Travel Hangers

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Hangers You Can Take Anywhere

Is getting organized a major issue when you travel? These Folding Travel Hangers will accommodate all sizes of clothes depending on their setup. 


Folding Structure Makes It Easy to Store

These are the only hangers you can take with you by the load and won't take up so much space in your luggage. 


Practical Travel Accessories

The hangers' design is narrow and compact to help save space in your closet so you can keep more clothes inside. 


No-Slip Feature

No matter the type of fabric nor the type of clothing, your clothes will stay safely hung on it because of the unfolded ergonomic design.


Why These Hangers Are a Must

✔️ Durable. These hangers are high-quality plastic materials that can take on socks to full-sized adult clothing tops. 



✔️ Lightweight. They hardly add any weight to your travel bag as well. You can take ten pieces and go on your merry way without any burden.



✔️ Multi-Functional. You may also use them to dry drip clothing in the bathroom while traveling. You may use these on underwear, socks, scarves, ties, hats, and more. 



✔️ Giftable. They make practical gift that any household will find useful for organizing the home. 



✔️ Versatile. It's perfect for any living space especially for smaller ones like dorms, hotel rooms, apartments, cruise ship rooms, and more.


  • Material: PP plastic
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7cm (folded); 14 x 22cm (folded halfway); 19.5 x 40cm (fully unfolded)

Your Order Includes:

  • 4, 8, 12 or 20 x Folding Travel Hangers

Get Yours Today!

If you like organization, these Folding Travel Hangers are best to pack along with your clothes as you travel. They are perfect for sorting yours and your family's clothing items anywhere you go. It's the best way to care for your clothes even as you travel.  



Folding Travel Hangers

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